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Conditions and how to apply

Information for Principal Investigators who would like their study to be considered.

Conditions and how to apply

All data collections meet the following methodological requirements:

  • The PI(s) and the fieldwork organization(s) subscribe to (an) ethical declaration(s).
  • The study adhered to national and/or international data protection regulations at the time of fieldwork.
  • Random probability methods were used at every stage of the sampling.
  • The data and documentation have been deposited at a national or international data archive.
  • The data file(s) which are publicly available to users have anonymized data only.
  • A questionnaire in English is available along the deposited data.
  • A documentation report with key parts of documentation/methodology (geographical coverage, universe included and excluded, mode(s) of data collection, sampling procedure(s), weighting, funders, access conditions) is available in English along with the deposited data.

Subject to the study’s acceptance by the ESS, the information provided in this document will be published on this page alongside a link to the study’s archived data and documentation.

Studies wishing to be considered as a related study would normally be expected to discuss their intention with ESS prior to commencing fieldwork.

Countries within the European Research Area would normally be expected to field the ESS as an ESS ERIC Member, Observer or Guest rather than as a related study.

Principal Investigators wishing for their study to be considered as a related study should complete the summary information form and send it to