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Contextual information for Round 8 now available

The European Social Survey (ESS) Multilevel Data resource now includes contextual information to supplement our Round 8 data.

It means that researchers have the ability to download externally collected data about countries and regions alongside ESS survey data.

Contextual data on crime, demography, the economy, education, health, immigration and political institutions are included, as well as composite measures.

This information has been collated by a number of organisations including Eurostat, OECD, the United Nations, UNESCO, World Bank and World Health Organization.

Further data is supplied by Bertelsmann Stiftung, the CIRI Human Rights Project, Database of Political Institutions (World Bank), Democracy Barometer, Freedom House, Comparative Political Data Set and Transparency International.

These contextual variables have therefore now been added to our Round 8 (2016/17) dataset through the Multilevel Data resource.

Since Round 4 (2008/09) of our survey, similar contextual data is available, and can be downloaded with previous datasets.

Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) data was also included in the Multilevel Data resource to accompany our immigration data collected in Round 7 (2014/15).

The resource contains data about a) individuals (ESS respondents) b) regions and c) countries. It is designed to facilitate the task of adding external data on countries and regions to ESS data.

All our survey data can be downloaded alongside the externally collected contextual data in SPSS, Stata and SAS formats.

The data can also be viewed using our Online Analysis Tool, Nesstar.

Our Multilevel Data tool was partly funded by the Descartes Research Prize awarded to the ESS in 2005.

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