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Pre-announcement: Call for General Assembly Chair

The European Social Survey European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ESS ERIC) is seeking to appoint a new General Assembly chair.

This follows the end of the term for the current Chair, Professor Michael Breen, who has been in post since 2013.

A new Chair will be appointed for a term of four years from November 2023, which shall be renewable.

The ESS ERIC is governed by a General Assembly, which usually meets twice a year.

All meetings are attended by a national representative from each country involved in the project.

The Chair will be appointed from outside of the General Assembly - national representatives will not be considered.

The Chair shall preside at every meeting of the General Assembly and undertake some other limited duties to support the ESS ERIC.

Please note this is an unpaid role.

The full call for nominations is expected to be published by the ESS ERIC Funding and Governing Working Group in June 2023.

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