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Round 11 questionnaire and provisional release dates

The main questionnaire and showcards for Round 11 (2023/24) of the European Social Survey (ESS) have now been published.

The latest iteration of the survey includes all questions currently being fielded in 31 participating countries and is published alongside showcards used by interviewers for some survey items.

The latest round of the ESS includes almost 200 questions asked in every round of the survey, and a further 60 questions selected from an open call for proposals. 

Core questions cover a wide range of topics, including respondents’ ancestry; education; employment; financial circumstances; household composition; and other socio-demographics including gender and parental information. 

Attitudinal data collected in every round focuses on climate change and energy; crime and justice; democracy and government; immigration; health and wellbeing; institutional and social trust; media and internet use; European, national and ethnic identity; perceived discrimination; political affiliation, interest and participation; religion; social exclusion; and values. 

Round 11 includes two rotating modules focusing on gender, for the first time, and social inequalities in health, with many questions repeated from Round 7 (2014/15). 

Proposed by a team led by Susan Banducci (University of Exeter), the gender module explores attitudes towards feminine and masculine identities, sexism, gender discrimination and gender equality. 

The health proposal was submitted by the majority of researchers involved in the initial module led by principal applicant, Terje Andreas Eikemo (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). 

The revised battery of questions assesses social determinants of health in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in income and wealth inequalities since the original module was fielded. 

Fieldwork is currently underway across Europe and it is expected that the first publication of data will take place in June 2024. 

A second data release is currently scheduled for November 2024. Please note that these release dates are subject to change.