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ESS Conference 2024: Call for papers now open

The call for papers for next year’s International European Social Survey (ESS) Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, is now open.

The Conference Organising Committee is now inviting paper abstracts of up to 500 words (plus 3-5 keywords) to be considered for next year’s conference.

Following an initial call for sessions, which closed on Monday 2 October, 38 parallel sessions have been selected for inclusion by the Committee.

Sessions will be held on a wide range of methodological and substantive topics covered by the ESS.

There are five sessions specifically on survey methods - related to data quality; measurement error; questionnaire translation; and self-completion data collection.

Four sessions include a methodological and substantive focus: on human values; interdisciplinary research about the environment; immigration; and the most recent iteration of our web panel: CROss-National Online Survey 2 (CRONOS-2).

29 sessions are of an entirely substantive nature, seeking abstracts on climate change and the environment; democracy and politics; digital social contacts and digitisation; the human values scale; immigration and discrimination; inequality; health and wellbeing - including ageing; the timing of life; and welfare.

Several substantive sessions request research on all ESS topics with a geographical focus, such as southern Europe, or featuring time-series analysis.

The Conference Organising Committee is particularly interested in papers that analyse ESS data in a time-series context, with results including analysis from two or more of the 10 rounds.

Additionally, abstracts that do not obviously align with the 38 sessions are also very welcome. Abstracts of this nature should be submitted to the session: Other subjects not covered.

Abstracts can also be submitted for the conference poster session.

A full list of sessions, listed in alphabetical order by title, is included on the Call for papers.

The Conference - Addressing grand societal challenges cross-nationally: Investigation, innovation and insights from 20 years of data - will be held at ICS - University of Lisbon and ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal, on 8-10 July 2024.

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